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  • Processing line for snack food “Salt roasted pellets”

    <strong>RoastR</strong> is developed for producing tomorrows fresh, vegetable-based, snack pellets. The gentle roasting process makes sure that nutrients are preserved in the finished product, where the content of vitamins and dietary fibers can be kept high. At the same time the fat content in the finished product is as low as <strong>0%</strong> and the protein content ranges up to <strong>40%.</strong> A wide range of today’s standard pellets can of course also be produced with RoastR.
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  • Processing line for snack food “Nuts”

    The <strong>Rosenqvists</strong> nut frying system are suitable for all types of nuts and seeds. The fryer is excellent for coated nuts. Depending on the final product, the frying system is equipped with the suitable type of belt, oil filtration system and possible need of a top submerger belt to ensure production and final product quality.
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  • Processing line for Snack Food “Fried Pellets”

    To produce a high-quality product when frying snack pellets you will need more than just a great frying system. You will need a complete processing line that can ensure an even flow of product throughout the process.
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  • Processing line “Potato Chips”

    Rosenqvists Food Technologies has extensive knowledge of the potato as raw material and how to design an effective process. We combine the latest technologies using computer simula-tion programs and build efficient and reliable process equipment. We take responsibility for design, manufacture and installation. We will commission the line and make sure that your staff get  professional training in maintenance and process control.
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  • Sorting machine TOMRA 5B

    • Day Rate

      £320.00 / Day
    • Week Rate

      £750.00 / Week
    • Month Rate

      £3,500.00 / Month
    Hire with operator
    £120.00 / Hour
    A powerful combination of exceptional features, state-of-the-art innovation and ease of use makes the <strong>TOMRA</strong> <strong>5B</strong> sorting machine an excellent addition to the <strong>TOMRA </strong>range, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the entire sorting process.
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  • 3D cutting Centris™ 315

    <strong>FAM</strong> has developed the innovative <strong>Centris™ 315</strong>, a centrifugal slicer & shredder with a high-quality execution at a very attractive price and with the smallest footprint of any industrial centrifugal shredder in the market.
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  • IQF tunnel freezer

    OctoFrost is a globally recognized supplier of food processing equipment with a deep focus on thermal treatment such as blanching, cooking, chilling and IQF freezing. OctoFrost machines can be used for processing a wide range of IQF products (fruits, vegetables, berries, seafood, meat, poultry, pasta, dairy, and grains) and are designed with customers’ needs in mind: for a natural appearance of the products, reliable food safety, high yield and energy efficiency. With a global coverage of sales and customer service, the company has over 300 successful installations at customers located in more than 50 countries, across 5 continents. OctoFrost is committed to a world with better food quality and reduced food waste by improving solutions for freshly frozen food.
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  • Vegetable washing machines

    Through experience Eillert knows that it is important to adjust the washing process to any product. The wide range of adjustments of the <strong>WASH makes</strong> this series very widely usable. Both floating and non floating products can be washed. The specific adjustments of the vegetable washing machine can be performed both manually and PLC controlled.
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  • Preparation table with two levels

    The <strong>preparation tables with two levels</strong> are identical to those with one level, however, on this table the vegetable waste is removed via a transport belt that discharges in the opposite direction of the slicing machine. A possible option could be a waste belt with an elevator to transport the waste in cubic crates.
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  • Drying system

    The <strong>Eillert belt drying system</strong> is carried out with blower units, of which the strength of the air flow can be set to the exact need. The belts are widely usable for many products (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika) in a range of capacities.
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  • Dipping system

    For washing and disinfecting of fruit and uncut products, Eillert has developed several solutions.  As most kinds of fruit (pineapple, melon, oranges, apples etc.) and uncut products (tomatoes, cucumbers etc.) float, a dipping belt is used. The <strong>dipping system</strong> ensures that products that normally do not immerse completely are carefully brought under water.
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  • Cabbage slicing machine

    The industrial <strong>cabbage slicing machine</strong> CSM is constructed with a wide infeed gutter, which feeds the (decored) cabbage onto the special cutting disc.
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