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  • Metal detection systems

    Regardless of whether they come as pieces or powder, are fine or coarse, bulk goods are found everywhere you look in the world of industry. Our metal detection systems for free-fall applications help you achieve the best results in quality assurance, the inspection of incoming goods and the protection of machinery, and they do so for the entire spectrum of hygienic requirements, from low to the very highest.
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  • Metal detection systems for liquids and pastes

    The food industry has to meet the highest quality standards. Regardless of whether you produce sausage meat, processed cheese, marmalade, mustard or soups, our metal detectors will help you reliably protect machines and consumers from metallic contaminants. What is more, they are extremely easy to integrate into your production lines. Our metal detection systems for liquid and paste products can be quickly and easily integrated into existing <strong>piping systems</strong> and <strong>connected to all common vacuum fillers, pumps, clipper machines and sausage-filling machines.</strong> Thanks to different separation systems to choose from, they ensure the safe and efficient removal of all metallic contaminants.
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  • Metal detection systems with integrated conveyor belt

    <strong>Metal detectors with integrated conveyor belt</strong> are all-in-one systems consisting of a tunnel metal detector, a conveyor belt and optional reject mechanisms. They can be integrated without issue into existing production lines. Our systems provide robust and hygienic conveyor belt technology, together with ultra-precise metal detection and extremely easy handling. The modular design allows for custom solutions tailored to you and your products.
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