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Finis Food Processing Equipment is located in the Netherlands; a country which has set the quality standards for fresh agricultural products and the vegetable processing industry. Since our founding in 1924 we have developed and produced peeling and cutting machines for all kinds of products. We are proud to have supported many large food processing companies in improving their processing plants. We have developed new machines in close cooperation with our clients, not only to improve existing facilities, but also to introduce new products to their customers. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding equipment to support them in creating added value in food processing. Finis Food Processing Equipment specialises in engineering process solutions, ranging from stand alone machines to complete production lines, for the international vegetables and fruit industry. Finis invests continuously in developing new machines and systems to improve the operational efficiency of its customers and the quality of their end products.

For more details, please visit the website of our partner www.finis.nl

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  • Continuous peeler for root products Blade 2.1

    The Blade 2.1 has up to 36 rotating discs that carefully peel the product. Due to the machine design, the product’s cell structure is kept intact, resulting in an end product with a longer shelf life and a hand peeled look. Stainless steel motors with frequency converters individually drive the peeling discs. The peeling time can be adjusted by changing the speed of the machine.
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  • Automatic onion peeling system TopNotch

    Finis is not just a supplier of peeling machines. <strong>Finis </strong>commits itself to meeting its clients’ processing needs and wishes. The <strong>TopNotch </strong>peeler by <strong>Finis</strong> has proven to be the most efficient three-stage onion peeling machine. It features sustainable processing technology, which ensures maximum productivity and reliability.
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