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Sweere is a Dutch based engineering firm which focuses on agricultural appliances. We have gathered over 30 years of hands-on experience in both the field and processing halls which enables us to provide you with the best equipment and advice.
We deliver complete harvesting and processing solutions built specifically to our customers needs.

It is our mission to supply technologically advanced equipment, to allow growers and producers reduce their labor needs, increase efficiency, and boost profits. Our tested, field-proven equipment and knowledge take our operations to farmers and producers in over 65 countries. We can therefore truly say we are an international oriented company where: borders do not count, only solutions do.

For more details, please visit the website of our partner www.sweere.com

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  • Air separator

    <strong>Air separator</strong> After the reception you can pre-clean the beans before the product goes to the de-stoner. This machine is custom made to fit into the line with the correct capacity. The air separator works as follows: The product is conveyed onto the infeed pan where it is evenly distributed through the oscillation of the shaker. It is then fed into the Air Cleaner where it passes over a jet of air created by the bottom mounted fan. This allows for the good product to continue through the Air Cleaner while any debris is lifted up and out of the product stream for immediate removal.
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  • Floatation washer

    The <strong>floatation washer</strong> can be used instead of the drum washer, to effectively wash your product. <strong>This machine works as follows: </strong>The products are fed into the washer where spray nozzles located at the top and bottom of the tank cause a current. This current cleanse the product causing the various debris to be separated from the flow. The sloped in-feed tank causes this debris to settle at the in-feed end for easy removal. A mesh wire discharge conveyor removes the product from the water and introduces it to a further cleansing fresh water spray.
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  • Harvesting machine

    After the sweet corn is brought in from the field the husker performs the task of efficiently removing the husk from the ear as well as any field debris. The husk free ear is then discharged from the husking bed for further processing. Depending on the roll setup, the husker can be used for fresh market and processed sweet corn.
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  • Head Cutting Machine Floreto

    The Floreto is an innovative machine which efficiently de-cores broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco. It features a continuously running intake belt combined with a motional knife construction capable of higher capacity, more precision while ensuring increased lifespan of the knives. Due to implementation of innovative solutions the machine is capable of seamlessly switching between floretting various vegetables by simply pushing of a button.
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