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By cooperating with our customers to provide the best technology available, we have realized complex projects for drying, pre-and post-treatment of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. Also, our systems are ideally suited to dry products from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  We assist our customers with the planning of complete processing lines, from concept to commissioning. Reliability and technical expertise demonstrated over the years has led to a special relationship of trust between our customers and the company.

For more details please visit the website of our partner www.binder-dehydration.de

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  • Cabinet Dryer

    The <strong>Cabinet dryer</strong> consists of a drying chamber with integrated Horde elevator and heating system. Thus, efficient drying with minimal space requirements and a relatively large drying surface can be achieved.
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  • Multi-Belt Dryer

    The Multi-Belt dryer is a continuous convection process. The product to be dried is layered evenly on a conveyor system that transports the product through the dryer housing while being exposed to hot air.
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  • Multi-Stage Dryer

    By rearranging the product upon delivery to the secondary belts optimizes uniform drying. The Multi-Stage Dryer combines the advantages of a Single-Belt dryer with the increased uniformity created by the mixing of products. Significant improvements in the quality of the dried product can be made by using this process.
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  • Single-Belt Dryer

    The single-belt dryer is a continuous convection system. The product is transported on a belt through the dryer chamber. The advantages of our single-belt dryer include the ability to control all physical parameters, such as drying temperature, drying time, air speed and air direction to suit the product being dried.
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