USAID Agribusiness Development Project in Uzbekistan

The USAID Agribusiness Development Project aims to support the growth of the private sector in Uzbekistan’s agriculture by introducing new technologies and management practices throughout the entire value chain of selected fruit and vegetable products.

The USAID Agribusiness Development Project builds on previous USAID investment initiatives and experience in the sector and will serve to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of agricultural goods and services produced by private enterprises in Uzbekistan. Through the project, USAID will support the private sector in Uzbekistan, which will allow the country to create additional jobs in the formal sector of the economy for the growing workforce. These efforts will focus on increasing Uzbekistan’s value-added production, engaging vulnerable populations, including youth and women, linking educational institutions to the needs of the private sector, and fostering an enabling environment for agricultural development.

Main directions of activity

Component 1: Agribusiness Development

  • Implementation of innovative business management methods to improve the competitiveness and profitability of agribusiness. Building the capacity of organizations in Uzbekistan to provide training and certification services for enterprises in the field of agribusiness in accordance with the quality standards required to enter new markets.
  • Co-financing investments in new technologies to help agribusiness produce high value-added products and increase sales and revenues.

Component 2: Empowering Women and Youth

  • Design and deliver business skills development trainings to equip women and youth (ages 16-29) with the skills and potential for management or technical positions in agribusiness.
  • Distribution of grants to graduates of business skills development training to help them start new agricultural businesses.

Component 3: Ensuring cooperation of educational institutions with agribusiness

  • Creation of opportunities for internships and employment of students in the field of agribusiness.
  • Introduce new and improved curricula to teach students the practical skills needed in agribusiness.
  • Support the development and implementation of joint research projects between educational institutions and the private sector, appropriate to the needs of agribusiness.

Component 4: Strengthening Advocacy in Agriculture

  • Introduction of new and improved types of information and advisory services.
  • Strengthening the capacity of public and private agricultural extension agents to provide quality information and advisory services.
  • Development of information and advisory services to reach all stakeholders through social media.

Component 5: Creating an enabling environment for agricultural development

  • Provide analytical support and recommendations to improve policies, regulatory frameworks and standards for the development of Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector; and Assist in the development of regulatory frameworks that facilitate regional trade.
  • Providing support to the Ministry of Agriculture in the implementation of the Agriculture Development Strategy for 2020–2030.
  • Supporting dialogue between the state and the private sector in order to remove obstacles to the development of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan.

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