Organic agriculture in Uzbekistan

Agriculture is one of the leading and largest sectors in Uzbekistan, contributing to the national economy. The diverse relief of the country represents the most favorable regions for the cultivation of various food and industrial crops. Sustainable agricultural systems provide the foundation for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, as well as for the safety and security of the environment, food security and food safety. The rapid pace of agricultural intensification worldwide is raising concerns among consumers about resource use and the negative impact of production on the environment and social well-being. The quality standards developed as a result of the globalization of markets are not based solely on the final product, but aim to check the entire value chain, including the resources and methods used.

Agricultural product quality systems are governed by both formal sets of standards and private standards specified in the respective sectors. Significant measures for the development of organic agriculture (OCA) in Uzbekistan are being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in close cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under the TCP / UZB / 3501 “Institutional Capacity Building for the Development of Organic Agriculture and the Promotion of Good agricultural practice (NSHP) in Uzbekistan”. The results of the project are already contributing to strengthening national capacities in agriculture and other quality assurance systems in Uzbekistan.

The project prepared a draft Law on Organic Agriculture and the Organic Production System, strategic development documents, developed training manuals based on guidelines appropriate to local conditions, conducted training courses and demonstrations for farmers, researchers, program managers and technicians, as well as a study trip abroad.

The book “Organic Agriculture in Uzbekistan: State, Practice and Prospects” is one of the practical results of the project and was prepared with the aim of disseminating the knowledge accumulated in the framework of the project among all stakeholders.

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